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Jack’s Gourmet Seasoning

is a special blend of spices to be used on virtually anything you can imagine.

We recommend you try it with steaks, seafood, pork, hamburgers, eggs, vegetables, soups, cocktails, etc.

Let your imagination go wild!

Hi, I'm Jack Yost and this is my story. Jack's Gourmet Seasoning began in my kitchen in Russell, KS in 1993. 

The blend began with a desire to cut down on the bottles of seasoning I was carrying to the barbeque grill.

For years it was enjoyed by my family and friends but lacked consistency per batch. After marriage, my wife Gina convinced me to become more serious about the seasoning and write down the amount of each ingredient I was using. The effort was definitely worth it and J & J Seasoning was born.  The original name came from my step daughter's name, Jessica. She was my packaging coordinator and enjoyed helping with the process. Over the years to follow, my seasoning became more popular with the locals and soon we were shipping it to many places around the USA.  Finally, it became apparent that the demand was becoming too great to continue producing, packaging and labeling in our home kitchen so we decided to take the next step and make it available on the market.  With a few new ingredients and a new label, my wife encouraged me to change the name from J & J Seasoning to Jack's Gourmet Seasoning. I hope you enjoy Jack's Gourmet Seasoning as much as we do and don't be afraid to try it on everything.

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